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Crazy Like a Fox:
Adventures in Schizophrenia

Crazy Like a Fox: Adventures in Schizophrenia will be published by Street Noise Books. Due to hit bookshelves April 2024!

You will find it wherever books are borrowed or sold.

Fox Foxerson steps off the bus into a new city with the idea of becoming an artist. Fox finds friends, a date, and a job. It seems as easy a ABC. But some friends are not truly friendly, the date does not go well, and the job becomes soul-crushing. Under stress, Fox starts to unravel and reaches out for help.


But help brings new problems. The mental healthcare system is confusing and no one at the hospital seems to be listening. Fox just wants to make art. Given a diagnosis of schizophrenia, Fox needs time and space to figure things out. 


It’s a quirky, humorous graphic novel tinged with pathos, asking the question: are you okay? Fox isn’t but Fox is working on it. 

Fox Cover.jpg
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